I Went AWOL!


Life just got busy so fast I continually ran out of hours in the day, but I have so much to catch you up on!

Firstly I got a new laptop because my old one went all blue screen of death, so as a result I keep accidentally hitting up instead of shift and finding random bits of writing in random places, so if you notice that… my bad!

More excitingly I completed a half marathon! I can’t wait to share how it went with you :)

Finally… I moved! This is mostly exciting because I not only have a garden to practice my yoga in and for general exercise, but also I have space to grow my own vegetables…eep!! The only downside to the move is I still don’t have internet, so I’m using a dongle where I can, but posts will still be a little slow until the end of January.

With the new year fast approaching, I will make a resolution here, to you, that I will do better next year to keep you up to date with my progress and to experiment more with cooking, exercise and now vegetable/fruit growing for your general amusement (as we know from past experiments (yoga challenge) I don’t exactly excel straight away…

Happy New Year everyone! May it bring you happiness and success in all you do, here’s to a great 2017!  


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